Google Code - Updates: Google Web Toolkit Update

by M. David Peterson

Today I've been working on getting a community-based XSLT development, test, and module library set up, and as much XSLT code that seems ready enough to be checked in, as well as existing vendor XSLT extension modules such as Dimitre's FXSL library (both FXSL 1.2 for XSLT 1.0 and FXSL 1.1 for XSLT 2.0), as well as Russ and my AspectXML project, and pieces of my own AtomicXML code base.

The above is a result of spending part of the afternoon writing a web feed aggregator out of frustration due to the discovery earlier today that another main stream OSS hosting provider went to all the effort of providing a web feed aggregator interface for external web feeds (nice!) only to discover that this so called aggregator doesn't provide support for ANY OTHER format other than RSS 2.0 -- FOR A WEB FEED AGGREGATOR!-- Please tell me I'm not the only one who finds that to be a bit strange?!

Anyway, as mentioned, it did spur me to start to roll my own which I am in process of finshing out at the moment, a side effect of which led me to spending the last few hours readying the repository with a bunch of other code, which led me to the GoogleCode site (where this particular project will be hosted) which then led me to the following, [Sorry to have put you through all of the above -- but I needed to vent -- Venting now complete :)]