Google Desktop: Argh

by Justin Gehtland

Google Desktop is great, don't get me wrong. I have it running on my box right now and am very happy with its performance. Sure, its missing some file type support (.pdf comes to mind) but its only a beta, and that will come in time. It has the potential to be a Spotlight for Everybody kind of app.

There are two major drawbacks that I see, though. First, you have to view the results in a browser window in Googlestyle. This is fine for a simple search, but often I'll want to: do something with the resultset other than page through it, and/or scan it quickly for patterns. I can't do either with 10-per-page results in a browser.

Second, and more problematic: you have to be an Administrator to install it. Well, ok, lots of apps are like that. But it can only be run by the user who installed it. That's a major problem, especially for those of us who have drunk Keith Brown's koolaid and only work from non-Admin accounts. See, if I log over to Admin and install it, then log back in as me, I can't run it. If I log in as me and run it as Admin, then it works, but can't see my Outlook mail (since that's under my account, not the Admin account).

The solution, as Keith points out is to elevate your normal account to Admin status, install the app, then move the account back down to normal. But, what a hack.

The app looks great, but that's just the kind of thing that can drive a guy nuts!