Google Docs for Mobile Devices

by Todd Ogasawara

Google announced that Google Docs can now be retrieved and viewed (but not edited) on Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and iPhone/iPod touch devices. Documents and spreadsheets can be viewed on all of those device types. Presentations can only be viewed on iPhone or iPod touch devices (for now according to the announcement).

I created a quick and dirty (and blurry... sorry 'bout that) 2 minute video demo using an iPod touch. I hope they add editing and Google Gears offline features real soon.


2007-10-23 08:58:53
That is very cool and I would like to see editing added. However, what I really want to see is Apple offer the iWork suite for the touch and iPhone. It would be a killer application if you could present a Keynote slideshow from your iPhone with the Apple video connectors.