Google Earth for Mac OS X: it's here

by Giles Turnbull

It looks like Google Earth. It smells like Google Earth. It has "Google Earth" written in the Menu Bar.

Google Earth for Mac

Guess it must be Google Earth for Mac OS X, then. Well there's a thing. You don't often see leaked software from Google or Apple. What exactly has been leaked, though?

About dialog from leaky G Earth

If the About... dialog is to be believed, this is an eight-day-old build of beta code. It looks just like Google Earth on Windows, and runs fairly well on a G4 machine.

Windows users will be scoffing when I say this, because they've been able to use Google Earth for ages now and they know how cool it is, but - wow. This is fantastic. The apparent ease with which Google Earth pulls down imagery and data, and the smoothness of the display, are nothing short of jaw-dropping.

What we don't know is whether this is what Google planned to release to us. Just how beta is this? Does the leak conform to Google's tendency to conduct large-scale public beta tests? (Mmmm, no; I think they'd have mentioned it if that were the case. And provided their own download site.)

They won't want to let the leaked code spread too far, though. It's in Google's interests to release something official, and soon.


2005-12-10 18:31:16
where is it?
Where did you get it from? Is this a teaser?
2005-12-11 00:35:39
where is it?
I used this YouSendIt link:

I shouldn't need to add: the usual disclaimers and caveats apply. Backup; don't trust unknown files from third parties; you are responsible for what happens to your computer, etc etc.

But it worked for me.

2005-12-24 11:03:47
where is it?
Anyone have a link that works. The one above expired...