Google Floats Online Book 'Rental' Plan

by Sid Steward

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The 11/14 Wall Street Journal says: "Search company Google Inc. has approached at least one book publisher to measure interest in a program for consumers to "rent" an online copy of new books for a week. According to this publisher, the books wouldn't be downloadable or printable. ..."


2005-11-14 17:17:46
eDonkey away
If I can read it on my computer, it is, by definition, "downloadable". Know how long it took "Maven: A Developer's Notebook" to show up on eDonkey, maybe a month. Unless Google plans to sell workstations impervious to Van Eck Phreaking, there will always be a way to rip and re-encode all.
2006-04-03 19:16:13
living abroad in a developing country, with a very poor library. I thing it is a good idea!!