Google Gmail Notifier for Mac OS X

by Derrick Story

Google has released a Mac OS X version of their Gmail Notifier. This handy little app puts an envelope icon at the top of your monitor on the system bar that turns blue when you receive mail. It also lets you know how many unread messages you have waiting. (This is a preference setting you can turn off if you don't like it.)

If you click on the envelope, you get a drop down menu that shows you who sent the message and its subject line. You can jump right over to the new mail (that opens in your default browser) or wait till later.

To start using Gmail Notifier, download the app, drag it to your Applications folder, double-click it, enter your Gmail info, then restart (or log out and back in). The envelope will now appear at the top of your monitor.

And it works great. Nice to see a Mac version of this helpful tool...


2005-09-04 16:48:45
Blue vs. black
Only too bad that the blue icon clashes with my other icons in the menubar which are all black.

Oh, not sure if this is a bug, but just for the sake of it I entered my details from Yahoo. That worked! Well... my username and password are the same, but it looked quite funny with my yahoo mail address there. :-) (it only looks at the part before the @ apparently)

2005-09-05 00:10:47
RE: Blue vs. black
Well, the envelope will stay black... as long you never get any mail :)
2005-09-05 01:41:05
RE: Blue vs. black
Ah... okay, missed that. I use Gmail for the Cocoa developers list. I never manage to read all of it. :-)
2005-09-05 13:04:09
Maybe it's just me, but I'd prefer a nice little widget (of which there are many) than can tell me about my Gmail. Cluttering up the menu bar is no sometihng I want to do. Then again, some people might say the same for the dashboard.
2005-09-09 12:07:54
it is pretty useful! i love gmail.

thanks for telling me to log out i was wondering why it didn't work!