Google + Keyhole = Google Earth

by Glenn Letham

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Loads of action lately regarding the search engine wars, particluarly with respect to mapping. Recall the splash about Microsoft's Virtual Earth which was just recently announced.

Well, Keyhole is being rebranded as Google Earth... following that, you may recall Keyhole's "Keyhole 2 Pro" app. Forget about that... enter Google Earth Pro. This puppy is currently going through a Beta stage but we'll be delivering more goodies on this over the weeks to come.

FYI, Google Earth Pro will enable users to "fly" to a given location, search the proximity for businesses, provide addresses and routing, or simply lookup am address. The output is then presented to the user on a map in a dramatic 3D environment... so cool!! Sty tuned for more.

You'll find a sneak of what the application may look like by visiting

Google Earth Pro scenes of Seattle and New York are presented.

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All this leaves me wondering something... with MS Virtual Earth, Google maps, and now Google Earth, who the hell is going to be left using Mapquest??


2005-06-16 09:57:20
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2005-07-06 20:16:35
Placemarks, overlays, 3d objects, etc
Google Earth is amazing! The flyovers are simply stunning. I'm trying to put together a site full of placemarks, overlays and all of that kind of stuff. Contribute if you want - Google Earth Hacks