Google Local Search beta

by Todd Ogasawara

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Google Local Search lets you search for businesses and services in a localized geographic area defined by an address or other location information.

It looks especially useful with those of us with web-enabled mobile devices.
I've already added the new Google URL to the Favorites list on my Pocket PC Phone Edition.
It lets me find businesses in the area I am at by just entering an address or even just a zip code.

I hope the Google people read blogs here on the O'Reilly Network though. I'd like to ask them to change the layout of the screen so that it fits portrait format mobile devices screens (like a Pocket PC Phone Edition or Nokia 3650) better. All they need to do is place the search box, address box, and search button in a vertical layout instead of horizontal and it will work great on a mobile device.

They even have their own model for a great mobile devices formattted page at:

Tried Google Local Search yet? What do you think?