Google Maps on Nokia N80 running T-mobile... sweet!

by Glenn Letham

OK, I'm a bit confused... now that I'm up and running on an all you can eat data plan via T-Mobile using my spanky Nokia N80 smartphone (no its not a T-Mobile device.. sorry!) I decided that I have to have Google Maps mobile running on it.


Steve G
2007-01-06 14:11:14
Is the "all you can eat data" that you describe their T-MobileWeb option, $5.99/month? Or is it the T-Mobile Total Internet, $29.99/month?
2007-01-07 07:40:58
the plan I'm using is the total Internet/data for #29.99 month. It's unlimited web, data, etc... gmaps is a bit of a data pig as far as I can tell so far.. also managed to crash my phone a couple of times as well! I'll look into the $5.99 plan but I suspect its not truly all you can eat data.
2007-07-25 11:13:30
How's the speed with the t-mobile data plan?
2007-08-01 09:37:21
hey i have the n80 and the tobile ..ya i had the same problem with the tmobile fav thing but ill try to install that in a way or another cuz honestly ive never seen some thing like my n80 its one of the best devices aroud i only hope this google map thing works fine ....
about the data speed the difference is the one with the 29.99 its world wide web service which means u can acceses internet just like u do on a computer the n80 and palm os and blackberry support this however the 5.99 plan is the wap which means u get stuff with wap pages which is really different its like just to check on things like email even the email u wont be able to read it all it will give u parts and u should click next page every few and then ,,,,,,