Google Project Hosting

by Robert Cooper

Google seems to know how to make a splash at the trade shows, don't they?

The big OSCON announcement is, their foray into the SourceForge world. Given the the bubbling animus with, this might represent a very opportune moment.

The hosting service is really quite lean: Subversion and Google's own bugtracker, as well as a tie-in with for mailing/discussion lists. Really, though, I think this "less is more" approach is really a good thing. TestNG is an early adopter -- not surprising given Cedric's employment. While the lack of free-form web hosting could be a small issue, it is hard not to note that with just your svn server, Google Pages and Blogger, you could put together a pretty reasonable web presence for you project, though it would certainly be less coherent than or's project page.


2006-10-12 01:58:18
Hi all!