Google protects Mac users whether they need it or not

by Erica Sadun


Google loves me,

This I know:

Into bad sites

I shall not go.

In Safari, I may surf

But Google keeps me from bad turf.

Mac were made for fools like me

But Google keeps them malware free.

Click image for full-sized error message


2006-12-06 11:57:10
Not just Safari, but FireFox too.

Also, not just that page, but looks like the entire site.

2006-12-06 14:36:57
This feature works on any browser, not just Macs.

Question is, what website were you trying to access that was deemed harmful! :)

2006-12-06 16:10:20
Seriously loved the poem :)
Erica Sadun
2006-12-06 16:15:54
Ben: The link is on the full-sized image. Lyrics to a song from Annie ("Maybe Baby")
2006-12-06 21:55:32
I was sure the tune was "Jesus loves me". Since Google is our modern all-powerful oracle, I thought it made sense.
Erica Sadun
2006-12-07 06:31:46
Aread: You're right. I was riffing on "Jesus loves me". But the original song I was trying to get lyrics to, that Google didn't want me to get, was from Annie.

I hope that makes more sense.