Google releases Picasa for Linux

by Jeremy Jones

I just read that Google has released Picasa for Linux. Google has set up a main Picasa for Linux page and a download page. I installed the .deb from the download page on my Ubuntu Dapper laptop. I noticed that the only dependency in the .deb was on libc6 >=2.2. The download page states that WIne and the gecko engine are included in the download.

Here is a screenshot of Picasa running on my laptop:


It's hard to see from this screenshot, but the menu items in particular suffer from the standard Wine look and feel. Otherwise, it looks really good. The little bit of functionality I played around with seemed to work OK. I haven't had a chance to plug in a camera or to index thousands of images yet. I find this an interesting port to Linux. It's not something I'm particularly excited about since my wife is the one who manages the photos. I'm glad to see the effort, nonetheless.


Chris Tyler
2006-05-26 10:20:52
Somebody jumped the gun! -- those links are throwing 404s here. (What I'd really like to see: Google Earth on Linux).
Jeremy Jones
2006-05-26 12:01:07

I think I saw the same comment on Slashdot. The links work for me. Are you really having a problem?

BTW - I'd like to see Google Earth on Linux, as well.

Chris Tyler
2006-05-26 13:18:33
Seems to be up now! (?)
2006-05-29 11:53:09

Indexing large number of images sort of hangs up the system; Picasa even goes unresponsive at times, someimtes completely.

But believe me, interface is way better than any of the crappy designs of almost all gnome apps.

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