Google Suggest

by Niel M. Bornstein

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The latest beta offering from Google gives you word completion in the search input box. As you type, a popup menu appears with suggested words to search for.

It works for phrases, too. It seems to build the list of suggestions from actual text found on the web; it will present you with common typos to complete your words.

For example, typing "google su" will eventually get you to "google suggest", but the first completion is not flattering to Google.

The FAQ for Google Suggest says it uses similar technology to the "Did you mean?" feature that offers substitutes for your possibly misspelled search terms.

Yet another innovation from Google. Keep 'em coming!

Did you mean "google sucks"?


2004-12-12 17:40:28
Firefox Extension
After I played with this new puppy Friday, I decided to hack together a proof of concept extension that adds this functionality into firefox's search tool.

Check it out:

It still has some issues but it's not too bad for a one night project and xul beginner I guess :)

2004-12-23 03:40:58
very nice comment about google suggest. I use their search engine and their xml feeds


2004-12-24 21:56:28
Dictionary Suggest
I just finished implementing something similar to Google suggest for a dictionary database.

The code is clean and you could see it by using "View Source"

The dictionary database is on an SQL server (just one table -total of 18000+ words) with an index on the word column.

2004-12-26 20:35:16
Dictionary Suggest

I added a "How does it work?" section to the website for everyone interested in the concept and code.

Here are the links

2004-12-30 14:00:39
cpan suggest
I did a cpan suggest a week before the slashdot article first appeared. It's at CPAN Suggest