GoogleCode, SVN, ClickOnce, and Firefox :: What Do Each of These Have in Common?

by M. David Peterson

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2007-03-21 20:48:03
Try FFClickOnce, a Firefox extension for running ClickOnce apps:
2007-03-22 08:11:42
WTF??? Can you PLEASE explain what is going on? I think this may be VERY exciting, but I need a dummies version or at least step by step.
M. David Peterson
2007-03-23 08:47:55

While I agree that the FFClickOnce add-in is nice,

1) It has to be installed first.
2) And even after it's installed, the pre-generated ClickOnce page still is of the assumption that the .NET 2.0 framework isn't installed, and provides an "Install" button that is much more prevalent and obvious than the "launch" link contained in the text. The natural inclination is to click the "Install" button, and when you do, the installation fails. It's only when you click the "launch" link that you are presented the option to either save the file, or launch the application, and if you attempt to save the file and then launch it directly, it once again fails.

That's too many points of potential failure, and one too many pre-installed requirements (requiring an additional plugin installation) to make the FFClickOnce plugin a legitimate solution for mass deployment of a ClickOnce application. The above solution requires that you add a post compile process to your build process, and it requires that you generate a Firefox specific installation page, but the upside is that in doing so you are guaranteed that your application will deploy after one click across both IE and Fx, where as with the plugin you are not.

None-the-less, I appreciate the info. It's just not a solution that I believe is something that works from the standpoint of the masses.

M. David Peterson
2007-03-23 08:48:43

Am working on a new write-up that goes into greater detail. Hope to have that posted later today.