[Google:GData] New GData API: Google Base Now Available

by M. David Peterson

Google Code - Updates: New GData API: Google Base

New GData API: Google Base
By Eric Case - 5:05 PM
Post by Matthias Zenger, Software Engineer

We're excited to announce the availability of the Google Base data API, which lets you write applications that dynamically interact with Google Base. You can insert, edit, or delete items programmatically, complementing existing input means like the Google Base front-end or the bulk upload mechanism. You can also query other users' published content and access their items via the API. This enables you to create domain-specific search applications (or mash-ups) combining Google Base content with other services.

The API is ReST-full and is based on the GData protocol; see the Developer Guide for detailed information about its functionality and use. Also see the interactive demo app for more usage examples.

NOTE-TO-GOOGLE: Two things,

1) While I realize this information is available in the GoogleCode updates web feed, given that I am not always reading your content from my feed reader, could you *please* add the date to the HTML version of your posts? "By Eric Case - 5:05 PM" does little more than aggrevate me, as the only take away is that the post was made @ 5:05pm. Is that 5:05pm today? Nope, cuz' the rest of the posts on the main HTML page occur at non-chronological points in time.

Of course, I could click through to the permalink, but,

a) Why should I need to click a link to get something as simple as a date? If you are going to the effort of putting the time something was posted, is it really that much harder to add the date as well?
b) http://google-code-updates.blogspot.com/2006/08/new-gdata-api-google-base.html only tells me that the post was made sometime in August.
c) and thats only if I use the URI as my point-of-reference. If I don't, just like the front page, all that is listed is the time it was posted.

2) Who made the post?

By Eric Case - 5:05 PM
Post by Matthias Zenger, Software Engineer