Google-Sun Partnership: Much Ado About Nothing

by Preston Gralla

Anyone hoping that the recently announced Google-Sun partnership would change the technology landscape has to be sorely disappointed. Beforehand, rumors were rife, primarily that Google would make available a free, Google-powered and Google-branded version of the office suite.

Instead, the announcement was about as exciting as reading Sun technical documentation. Here's what it amounts to: Sun will distribute the Google Toolbar. Google will buy lots of servers from Sun.

Somebody wake me up, please.

There was plenty of the usual marketing gobbledygook, with meaningless, sleep-inducing terms like "dynamic, interactive technology solutions." In the end, though, there wasn't a whole lot there. As for, the companies only said there would be "further collaboration" between the two about it. Microsoft Office will continue to rule for the foreseeable future.

How much did Google care about this announcement? The company didn't even bother to write a press release.

I can't say that I blame them.

What do you think about the Google-Sun partnership?