GoogleTalk Adds Voicemail, File Transfer and Music Status

by Bruce Stewart

Google announced today that the GoogleTalk client just got some new features, including voicemail, file transfer and photo sharing, and an IM presence feature that will display the music you're currently listening to. Ted Wallingford, who is not "nearly as impressed with GoogleTalk’s new features as its developers seem to be," rightly points out that these are all features Mac users have had with iChat for quite some time. (It's great to have Ted back and showing up in my RSS feed again - don't miss him over on his new online digs, Signal to Noise).

GoogleTalk has received some bashing in the press recently for its extremely low usage numbers, and I'd have to agree with Ted (and Mark Evans and Ben Metcalfe and others) that these additions are nothing to get too excited about. Especially as I can't even try it out since there still isn't a Mac version. But TechCrunch does point out one interesting GoogleTalk development buried in the CNET article about this latest upgrade: that Google and AOL will soon have their IM systems talking to each other. With AIM's massive IM penetration, this can only mean good things for GoogleTalk.