by Daniel Raffel

This morning Google announced click to call integration on their Maps. On the Google Maps Help page it is described as a "fast and easy way to speak directly with businesses found on our maps". You can try it out.

Over at TechCrunch Marshall Kirkpatrick is saying this is supposedly powered by an earlier Skype announcement.

In another interesting connection, Google Pack now bundles Skype as an option. Perhaps I just noticed that though.


2006-11-16 19:42:04
No number validation... This means I can get PizzaHut to call anybody I want, over and over again! Daniel, what's your cell number?
Marshall Kirkpatrick
2006-11-16 20:30:12
No, that was in the last 48 hours or so I think.
2006-11-16 21:57:26
Adrien, Ring the Googleplex and let 'em know how much you love being able to make crank calls, 650-623-4000.