Gordon Meyer: One Week with EyeTV Hybrid

by Derrick Story

Over on the new O'Reilly Mac site, Gordon Meyer posts his thoughts about the EyeTV Hybrid:

"The EyeTV Hybrid is very portable; it's not much bigger than a typical USB "thumb drive." It's not as portable if you need an antenna, of course, but you might not need one. I live in the city, and can literally see the broadcast towers on nearby skyscrapers, so I was able to receive 10 digital and 12 analog channels just by plugging the unit into a free USB port."

If you're thinking about revisiting EyeTV, you might want to take a look at Gordon's post.


2008-02-18 10:29:29
I just recently updated (payed upgrade) my EyeTV software - I also use EyeTV Hybrid - but almost nothing changed in the user interface from my point of view, so it was a bit disappointing.

I always had some reservations for how they install their software on my Mac (kernel extensions, helper software running in the background all the time - even installing classic-based software on my intel mac...) but it does it job - however I wish, they will be a bit more mac-like in the future and reduce the clutter in the system...

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