Got Mac? A C.A.N. Update

by Alan Graham

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Many of you responded to my plea earlier in the week to aid a wonderful non-profit organization called The Children's Art Network (C.A.N.). I asked for donations of Mac OS X gear so I could help bring them into the 21st century, since the budget had suffered a major setback after the loss of their founder and Director, from cancer last year.

One of their goals was to ensure the administration of C.A.N. had computers and were no longer doing their tasks on paper. Another long term goal (thought to be years down the road) was to start bringing computer technology into their instructional programs. This would include a summer program centered around computers & art. Well that may happen sooner than they expected.

Since my earlier posting, many people have responded with generous offers of their OS X equipment. Please don't stop!!! While I was originally only looking for a couple of machines to replace that which was broken, it turns out that C.A.N. is now closer to their computers & art program than they ever thought would be possible. So far donations have ranged from lightly used Macs to gear that no longer works, but by using parts from other non-working Macs, I can do my best Frankenstein.

Because of your kindness, C.A.N. will once again be breaking new ground, offering kids access to technology & instruction that most never see in a classroom. I hope that in the spirit of open source, we will one day be able to share the C.A.N program with others, so they can bring similar programs to their communities...that is if we can keep the lights on another year. ;-)

One Slight Hiccup

Some people can't afford to ship the gear, and C.A.N. is practically penniless. So they have setup a Pay Pal donations link on the C.A.N. donations page. We ask that you do not donate more than $10, and every penny will go to cover the cost of either shipping, or picking up the gear (some of it is within a few hours of us). If there is anything left over, we'll put it into keeping this Mac gear in working condition or making repairs.

Thank You

I can't tell you how thankful I am at the support we've received. My wife and I are truly touched. I mean it...I am really shocked and amazed at the generosity of you people. It does my cynical little heart good to know that complete strangers will still come to the aid of others. I hope that all of you will allow me to publicly thank you here next week (unless you wish to remain anonymous).

One Last Thing: Why OS X only?

A number of folks have made remarks and asked questions about why we were only looking for OS X-able gear. The reasons are simple:

1. I donate my time to C.A.N., and I simply do not want to maintain multiple machines running multiple operating systems...including OS 9. I just don't have the personal bandwidth for it.

2. I get a lot of software for review. Once that software is behind a version, I'm able to donate it to a good cause like C.A.N. Just because it may be a year old, doesn't mean it isn't of value...and all of my software is OS X based.

3. I want to keep them moving forward, not back. Even if a machine can't run the next version of OS X (later down the road), having all OS X machines, still makes maintaining a network simpler.