Grand Central SDK in Java, Perl, and COM/.NET

by Rael Dornfest

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"By simply exposing relevant business processes to the Grand Central Network and defining the policies that manage interaction, Grand Central enables . . . companies to effectively collaborate." Grand Central is a Web Services orchestration (aka business logic) clearing-house offering low-barrier access to a reliable, secure, flexible, subscription-based enterprise-to-enterprise network. GS uses a message queue metaphor; messages are inserted, routed via "switches" and "connectors" or "routers" through zero or more intervening services, and delivered. Orchestration is defined by the service provider via simple "if-then"s and access is controlled via password or the requirement of a Verisign certificate. GS just released it's SDK in Java, Perl, and COM/.NET flavours. There's no particular, proprietary magic in the SDK, mind you; Grand Central speaks straight SOAP.