Graphical installers for BSDs

by Jacek Artymiak

Once in a while someone asks for a graphical installer for BSD, similar to Fedora Core. Wouldn't it be cool if we could see the daemon or Puffy in full color?

No, it wouldn't.

As someone who just finished a chapter on BSD and Linux installation procedures, I must say that I like BSD installers much better than their Linux counterparts and that I don't see a reason to ask the developers to spend their time on something that's pure eye candy. This is 2004, soon to be 2005, and the odd graphical Linux installer can still have problems talking to some monitors and video cards.


2004-12-16 08:23:45
Nope - I already have one.
Came with my Mac ;-)

- Jim

2004-12-16 18:17:49
Nope - I already have one.
It doesn't count ;-)