Great FSOSS Symposium Coming Up in Toronto

by Chris Tyler

For the past five years, Seneca College in Toronto has been running a Free Software & Open Source Symposium. This year promises to be the best yet, with an interesting lineup of speakers including:
  • Chris Blizzard, Red Hat / One Laptop Per Child Project
  • Marcus Bornfreund, Creative Commons Canada
  • Nat Friedman, Novell
  • Mike Shaver, Mozilla Corporation
  • Louis Suarez-Potts,

I teach at Seneca (and will also be speaking at the Symposium) and I'm really looking forward to this event.

If you're in Toronto or within a reasonable drive, come join us on October 27, or come a day early and take in some fabulous workshops on the 26th (XUL and Firefox Extensions, Building an OSCAR Cluster, Getting High on Rails, Eclipse Plugin Development, and more). The cost is next to nothing and the atmoshere is a lot of fun - details at