Great List of Open Source Telephony Projects

by Bruce Stewart

Regular ETel readers know that we're big on open source telephony around here. We regularly feature technical articles on open source telecom projects like Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, YATE, and OpenZoep, we like to discuss the issues around open source business models in our blogs, and O'Reilly Media has long been a champion and documenter for many of the most important open source projects. So I consider paying attention to open source telephony projects a major part of my "beat" as the editor of ETel, but even I was surprised at the depth represented in VoIP Now's list of 74 Open Source VoIP Apps & Resources. Broken down by category, Jimmy Atkinson has collected what must be the most exhaustive list of open source telecom projects to date. I'm ashamed to admit there's quite a few on this list I haven't heard of. Thanks a lot for this Jimmy, now I've got my work cut out for me!


2007-05-15 02:22:04
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