All-time Great Networking Book

by Carla Schroder

I was cruising through the Linux books in O'Reilly's catalog and ran across this little gem:
Understanding Linux Network Internals, by Christian Benvenuti. I think I have to call this my all-time favorite networking book. At over 1000 pages it's an amazing accomlishment for a single author. The writing is clear and lucid, and Mr. Benvenuti writes with a depth and clarity you just don't find in networking books.

Windows network admins should study this book as well- you'll get an education you won't find anywhere else, and all of those mysterious Windows networking behaviors will actually make sense. Or at least be understandable, since Microsoft's habit of borking standard protocols never makes sense.

There aren't too many computing books that I get excited about; this one goes on my Top 5 list.