Groove de-decentralizes, sort of...

by Rael Dornfest

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A slightly misleadingly titled Computerworld article announces a measure of clumping in Groove's P2P architecture. The fact of the matter is that Groove is making some intelligent distinctions between what should and should not be decentralized in an effort to provide some much requested functionality: "Lightweight Directory Access Protocol integration; local (on the premises of the customer) location of the relay server; a Bot server; better integration with Microsoft Corp.'s Office software; and document version control."

For clarity and discussion, join the thread in progress on the Decentralization mailing list.

There's Groove galore at the
O'Reilly P2P and Web Services Conference, November 5-8, 2001 in Washington, DC: Peering Within and Beyond the Enterprise; P2P Security: A Technical Overview of Groove Security; Groove Tool Development, Parts 1 and 2.