GSoC: Announcing Gecode/R

by GSoC Proxy

We've got yet another project announcement to share, as Google's Summer of Code begins to pick up steam. The following announcement is from Andreas Launila about his project Gecode/R. Andreas is pursuing a masters in Computer Science at KTH (The Royal Institute of Technology - Sweden).


2007-06-06 19:22:44
typo in title.
Geocode/R --> Gecode/R
2007-06-07 00:23:04
Thanks for the write-up - it's good to hear how these projects are going. Your consultation about the form of the API is particularly appreciated.

Regarding the constraint syntax, I agree when you say "A problem with the above is that people might look at it and instinctively think that it's something that does not have a side effect." Since specifying constraints is what this is all about I think they should stand out in the code.

How about
constraint x + y == z
(note the extra 't' on the end to turn it into a noun). It matches the name of the style of programming - what could be clearer? :-)

2007-06-07 07:32:39
ma2, I took care of it, thanks!
2007-06-07 07:34:34
I agree with George, I like constraint better. If you go with an action, I'd rather see something like assert.
2007-06-07 09:03:30
Yes, "constraint" would probably fit too. It might signal more clearly that a constraint is coming.

A related discussion over at ruby-talk has resulted in some different styles for specifying constraints. Some examples of the different styles applied on some common constraints are available at .

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2008-06-12 14:14:25
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