GSoC : Announcing RubyLand

by GSoC Proxy

It's time to kick off the O'Reilly Ruby coverage of the Google Summer of Code with our first student post. The following announcement is from Scott Ostler about his project, Rubyland. Scott is pursuing a masters degree in Computer Science at MIT. He is researching collaborative writing software for handheld devices.


2007-05-28 04:35:05
very cool, if we can look at the source code of what we're calling.
also, please force version-awareness from ground up.
2007-05-28 21:31:38
RubyLand looks quite cool. Hurry up and write it! :)

It reminds me of assorted little tasks I've written with an eye towards greater automation. I, too, have looked at ways to get instant processing to occur when various events occur (e.g., open a new browser tab; download a file; edit a document) and having nice clean layer above the plumbing opens up all sorts of possibilities.

2007-05-28 23:09:00
I've been playing around with Ruby+DBus and libnotify recently, so this project is particularly interesting to me. I'd love to see a platform-independant notification API that you can plug into either Growl or Libnotify or whatever Windows uses.
Vasudev Ram
2007-05-30 06:25:13
Sounds quite interesting. (But have you checked out whether all this can already be done with existing libraries, and some custom code? - Just wondering ... Not that I think you shouldn't do it if the answer is Yes - I'm a great believer in choice and in having different solutions to the same or similar problems) - the world is richer that way). Do post somewhere visible about where you're going to release RubyLand so we can try it out. But it would be better if you didn't restrict it to Mac OS X - unless you're using something that is present only there. Just IMO, of course.

Anyway, good luck!

Vasudev Ram
Dancing Bison Enterprises

2007-05-30 19:39:30
This looks great! In the Linux world this could come to play very well with the new dbus integration that'll come out in KDE4. Maybe something I'll wanna hack on after your SoC ;-)
2007-06-01 19:45:14
This sounds super convenient. I can't wait to be writing my own Rubyland Handler's by the end of summer.