GTalkr Adds Extensibility, Flickr Features

by Bruce Stewart

I saw GTalkr for the first time at the recent Emerging Telephony conference, and while I was impressed with its slick use of Flash, I didn't see much of a need for a flash-based interface to Gmail or Google Talk. Well, today Michael Arrington points out that GTalkr has just added some features that definitely make the product more interesting to me. I'm glad to see them open up an API to allow others to use and extend the GTalkr functionality, by providing access to Google Talk contact info (including presence), GTalkr notification intergration, and drag and drop support. I think this is a smart move that could help bring more attention to GTalkr and lead to some interesting applications. They've also implemented Flickr (and YouTube) integration, which is actually pretty nifty. It's still not my primary Gmail/Google Talk interface, but I'm definitely going to play around with it some more.