Guest DTF segments

by Daniel H. Steinberg

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A couple of Distributing the Futures ago, Chris Adamson produced a piece on Java Podcasts. I always like Chris' work but I was also struck by how much richer the show sounded with pieces produced by other voices.

I've been wary of there being too much of my voice in the show so I've tended to edit my voice out of the interviews I do. Listeners have asked that I not do that and so in the most recent program you may notice that the interview with James Duncan Davidson sounds a bit different because you can hear the questions being asked. In the same show, I had already cut myself out of the interview with Bruno Souza - I think we will continue to play with a mix.

We get many suggestions for stories that people would like to hear on the show so I wanted to invite you to consider pitching a story that you might be interested in producing. I'm not sure how this will work, but it's an experiment worth trying. If you have a segment you would like to produce for Distributing the Future please email us at future at