GUI Schmooey

by Robert Daeley

In a recent entry -- Full Screen Text Editing -- I looked into the options for creating a writing environment that encompassed the entire screen, hearkening back to halcyon text editing days. Here's a followup on a couple of items in that article.

I mentioned that apparently Tiger had removed the ability to use >console as a login name and thus bypass the OS X GUI. A commenter said that it worked on their installation, and with a little investigation it seems as if that on clean Tiger system, i.e. not a Panther one updated to 10.4 like mine, this does still work.

At the end, I wrote about trying to get the minimalistic ratpoison window manager working in X11. Since then, I came across another WM that seems to fit the same bill, and with the added bonus of compiling without errors, at least on my test system. The Ion window manager (despite being in fink unstable as an older version) is built from the ground up with the keyboard user in mind. This offers an alternate route to investigate for those who want to achieve a similar experience.

Another option that is available without a bunch of additional installation is using screen, the familiar terminal-based WM, which can actually divide up a single Terminal window into multiple regions simultaneously. Of course, you're foregoing finer GUI living ;) but that does have its advantages if you're trying to get a bunch of writing done.


2005-10-27 18:29:55
A good full screen environment
Hola Robert,

To give interested people a better hint about CopyWrite's full screen editing capability -- the app was just briefly mentioned in your article --, this screenshot is worth a thousand words:

The dynamic font size slider [see at the bottom] just makes it pretty good for wading through large amounts of text and focusing in on the relevant parts.

Hereby I disclaim any kind of affiliation with Bartas Technologies, the producers of CopyWrite. :]