Guitar over IP

by Keith Weiner

So my company (DiamondWare) has developed high-definition 3D proximity-based voice technology. It is now available in Second Life (on the beta grid at the moment). It lets you walk up to people, have a conversation, and then walk away when you're done. Each voice sounds like it's coming from the respective avatar. The sound is clear.

For those of you who haven't been in Second Life yet, it is a 3D virtual world. People make their avatars look the way they want, face, hair, clothing, etc. Some of them even look like people! They also make other objects, like buildings, trees, lampposts, and hookahs. Yes, those large pots for burning plant material. They have multiple hoses so that a group can all smoke at once.

I was completely blown away on the first day of the open beta.

I heard voices down by the beach and walked over there. I found a group of young adults who were talking and joking and smoking. It was like any gathering you might find on a beach or in a city park somewhere. There was even a guy playing guitar. They were having a grand old time. I spent about 15 minutes there before I realized how unique this experience was.


David Battino
2007-03-31 15:37:47
If you build it, they will strum. Thanks for the report, Keith!