GWT 1.4 RC2 Released

by Robert Cooper

Scott let everyone know about GWT 1.4.59 today. This is mostly a bugfix release on GWT 1.4, and there are a TON of fixes, as wells as some real improvements to the Benchmarking application.

We have been hard and heavy in GWT work in my day job, and a good number of these fixes are welcome -- the super call to native method was one that freaked me out for a while. GWT 1.5 is going to track the Java 1.5 language constructs, which is really exciting.

I am going to go ahead and leak some information here on some work that is coming out of Manheim to the open source world to go along with this release: Gwittir. The intent is for this to become a Rails like framework/generator for GWT. There is a lot of code on hold for it, but the exciting thing for GWT users is our "Reflection Light" introspection API. This, of course, gives rise to all kinds of cool stuff, including our Data Binding system. We are using this for several internal projects, and the whole thing is a moving target. The Introspector and the Binding stuff is stable, though, and very usable. Watch this space for more on the Gwittir MVC patterns and Widget patterns later.