Hacking Firefox Support onto Google Desktop

by John Sequeira

Related link: http://greg.abstrakt.ch/archives/2004/10/the_evolution_o.html

>> How does the slogger/google combo work?
>> Any trouble setting it up?

slogger dumps full html (including images etc) of pages you visit to a
directory of your choice where GDS picks it up. interestingly, it shows up in the browser history category (probably based on the .html)

also, in a test a new page was indexed within a minute (or less). GDS
seems to have some file alteration monitor.

setup was a piece of cake, just install slogger and configure it, done.

>> I'm going to point to you, but I wanted to confirm that it worked...
>> Did you figure out Trillian too? I was wondering if copying to a
>> different folder or renaming the files worked to get them indexed.

i didnt. i will try shutting down trillian for a bit and setting the last
last modified date (i assume that is the trick) to make GDS pick it up.

(Jon Udell takes advantage of the Lazy Web to find the same solution.)

Do you know any other hacks to extend GDS support to popular applications?