Ham: Sexy? . . . Hamsexy!

by Jim Van Meggelen

Have you given any thought to Ham radio? Well, from my perspective (which is as a total newbie - I know almost nothing about Ham or Ham culture) there seems to be a revolution going on in Ham radio.

"Eh?" you say? (yes, sometimes non-Canadians say "Eh", just not as often).


These guys are mostly Linux geeks and hackers, just like us, but they have the authority to do things with radios that make you want to go out and get your Ham license. Some of the frequencies they are licenced to operate in overlap with the frequencies assigned to WiFi. This means that a properly-licensed Ham can do things with a WiFi circuit such that one begins to wonder what the point of WiMAX is (and yes, from what I can tell they love WiMAX too - but they think in terms of far larger distances than mere mortal geeks dare to).

You know what makes wireless so incredible? It's The Last Mile! That means it's cultural significance is huge!

I'm mostly a telecom geek, but what I'm starting to realize is that people from all different disciplines and technologies are suddenly coming together and realizing that we have everything we need to build a global, community-built network. Each community brings a different strength to the party.


No I mean really . . . wow.

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