Hanging out with Chipy

by brian d foy

Related link: http://www.chipy.org/

The Chicago Python Users Group was going to talk about testing today, and I wanted to see what was going on in that part of the world.

I was afraid that I wouldn't know anyone there, and I'd be the loony Perl bigot in the back saying "Well, in Perl...", but it turns out that I knew a handful of people there, and I think more had heard of me.

As I introduced myself as we went aroudn the room, I mentioned that I was thinking about publishing a Python magazine, and not just an April Fool's version of The Perl Review. I have already paid a lot of the sunk costs for TPR, so adding another one wouldn't be that expensive. I just need someone to act as editor.

There was food aplenty, and it kept showing up. I could have the pizza and Dr. Pepper, which seemed to be a particular favorite of the group, but there was also a some wonderful zitti and a green salad brought by Kelly Ray, who's using Python to create a cookbook (you know, the kind about food).

John Roth demonstrated Fit and Fitnesse as part of his "Extreme Programming Testing" talk. Chris McAvoy (who actually submitted an artilce to TPR just before I had to go overseas) showed off doctest. Ian Bicking (of Imaginary Landscape, which hosted the evening) introduced unittest and another Pythoner (sorry, notes smeared with zitti) explained hotshot (a Python profiler).

I liked the idea of a bunch of people showing off things rather than one long presentation by a single person. Among all of those were a couple of ideas that I want to take back to my Perl work.

After the talks, the topic somehow got around to the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (I'm pretty sure I didn't start it, as I was trying to be on my best behavior), and that Python doesn't have such a beast. I suggested that someone just start one. From there people asked all manner of questions about how CPAN works, though most of them seemed to revolve around some myth that CPAN is restrictive. I explained that it's just a really big directory of things, and that almost anyone can upload almost anything of any quality. The topic of a Comprehensive Python Archive Network gets kicked around every couple of years, but Python has yet to find its own Jarkko.

They haven't announced their next meeting yet, but I'll probably go back. I may even write a couple of Python programs between now and then so I don't look like such a clod. :)


2004-12-10 10:58:58
Thanks, and...
Thanks for the nice write up. Brian Ray was the third presenter, husband to Kelly Ray, Ziti-bringer.


2004-12-14 18:21:20
for anyone who is interested, the CPyAN thread on the chipy list is available.
2004-12-14 19:12:53
Thanks, and...
And for the record, I did cook the ziti all by my self ;)
2004-12-15 20:05:49
Thanks, and...
That's what you get for making the offer ;-)