Happy 1st Anniversary JXTA!

by Steve Anglin

Related link: http://www.sun.com/smi/Press/sunflash/2002-04/sunflash.20020423.1.html

Based on email to Sun's JXTA mailing list and a press release, significant items to date in the JXTA project's growth and progress include:

1. A new slate of startups using JXTA: Avaki, Cimpler, IAM, Improv, Inclusive, Infoglyptic, infonie GmbH, nDevia, R-Objects, Tryllian, VistaPortal.

2. A first-ever slate of larger, established organizations using JXTA: Boies, Schiller & Flexner, LLP; Ericsson Microwave AB; Hughes Network Systems; NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory; National Association of Realtors; Research In Motion; Siemens Corporate Technology; Sony Corporation of America; and the University of Maryland.

3. Implementations are available or underway in C, J2SE, J2ME, Objective-C, Perl, Python, Ruby, and SmallTalk.

For more information on JXTA and where it's at now, check out the following:

What do you think of JXTA's progress over its first year?


2002-05-12 22:22:42
well done to Sun's JXTA effort
Getting a useful mass of companies using JXTA was key. Good for them. JXTA has survived and seems to be thriving.