Hardware available based on the book Designing Embedded Hardware

by John Catsoulis

Related link: http://www.embedded.com.au/devsys.html

Since Designing Embedded Hardware was published, I've received lots of requests from readers wanting to purchase computers based on the book. To meet this need, I've developed some small and versatile embedded computers ideal for newbies' experimentation. They are designed to be easy to build, easy to program, and with a range of features to make them adaptable to a variety of applications.

I've tried to keep the costs as low as possible so as to make the entry-level bar as low as possible. You can purchase a complete system ready-to-code, or just a blank circuit board if you want to source your own components or modify/hack the design.

If you develop application code based upon these designs and want to turn your creation into a product, there are also royalty-free technology licenses available.

More designs are on their way, so watch for them in coming months.


2004-06-01 13:07:11
Embedded & Java

just some seconds before ordering the book Designing Embedded Hardware I want to ask you whether there will some amendments to the book about design doctrines for example portable and server based code for embedded clients. Is there something special to consider when targeting at an embeded java system?
many thanks