Harnessing Hibernate is in stock

by James Elliott

It’s been a long time since “Hibernate: A Developer’s Notebook” came out. In terms of Hibernate’s evolution, it’s been an era or two. Things were changing so fast back then that the code examples ran into trouble very quickly. I wanted to put together an update, but other issues in life and work kept intervening, and the best I was able to do for a while was an online PDF that made the introductory chapters work better with Hibernate 3.

Well, I’m happy to be able to say that the wait is over! Thanks to help from Tim O’Brien and Ryan Fowler, “Harnessing Hibernate” is now a reality, meaning you can actually get your hands on it.

We’ve updated all the content from the Notebook that was still relevant, and added a bunch more. Tim contributed great information about working with Apache Maven and the Spring framework, and Ryan added interesting ways to integrate with Stripes. The Hibernate Tools for Eclipse have their own chapter now too. It’s grown some heft, while remaining a great way to come up to speed quickly.

And despite the increased page count, I don’t dread being quickly overtaken by a flurry of incompatible changes this time. Hibernate is at a much more mature stage in its own development, which will help a lot. But we’ve also leveraged the Ant Tasks for Maven to do most of the work of downloading and organizing the many libraries needed to work with Hibernate in our examples. This means not only that there is less busy-work for readers who want to play with Hibernate and the example programs, but also that the examples will continue to work even if Hibernate changes, because they’ll always be able to find the version of Hibernate they expect.

So we hope that people coming to Hibernate today can benefit from an even smoother learning experience.


2008-04-27 16:20:24
Awesome effort! I'll be getting my copy soon.
Jim Elliott
2008-04-29 14:53:21
My copy came today! :) http://arcadia.brunchboy.com/2008/04/we-have-book/

sula rajapakse
2008-06-22 18:42:57
I cannot unzip (windows) the example source code from orielly site. Looks corrupted.

Jim Elliott
2008-06-22 20:24:50
I have no problems on my systems, but I don't have windows. Try contacting booktech@oreilly.com or webmaster@oreilly.com with detailed descriptions and error messages, and see if they can help you sort it out.