Hello, Andy Kimball!

by M. David Peterson

Update: via a recent email from David Carlisle (used with permission),

I recognized that name when it came up in the feed titles, Andy Kimball
used to post regularly to xsl-list and was largely responsible for
giving the impression that not everyone at MS was fully signed up to te
evil empire, and that there were in fact real people there and that
msxsl would eventually turn out to be a good thing...

David continues with a couple of links [1,2], the second of which links to the following,

Hi all,

I'm Andy Kimball, the Microsoft XSL developer. After today's "nested
template abomination" discussion, I had a couple of comments. First,
Microsoft is committed to delivering a conformant XSLT processor. ....

[1] http://www.biglist.com/cgi-bin/wilma/wilma_glimpse/xsl-list?query=Andy+Kimball
[2] http://www.biglist.com/lists/xsl-list/archives/200003/msg00614.html

I have to stand by David's comments. Andy is definitely one of the good guys. And if you have ever used any of MSFT's XSLT processors (in particular MSXML and .NET 2.0 System.Xml.XslCompiledTransform) you know just as well as the rest of us...

Andy knows how to write *BLAZING FAST* code! Smart kid, that Andy Kimball ;-) :D

Thanks for the info, David!

[Original Post]
So the craziest email arrived in my inbox yesterday evening. It begins,

I'm not 100% sure that you are my old friend from the 90's, given that you seem to go by M. David Peterson now, but I thought I'd email you and see. If you are Mark Peterson, who worked at Microsoft in the 90's as an "Independent Contractor", and knew a couple of guys named Andy Kimball and Brandon Hall, then let me know.

I've already responded to Andy to let him know that yes, in fact, it is I that is he (M. David Peterson == Mark David Peterson for those unaware.) The reason for writing this post, however, is to point out something I didn't know until just now. Andy continues,

It would be quite a coincidence if indeed you were that Mark Peterson, as you seem to be very gung-ho on Xml and Xslt, which is my specialty.

He continues to describe his involvement with XML and XSLT at Microsoft.

- Member of the Core XML team for MSFT for almost 10 years.
- One of the developers of the MSXML processor.
- Ditto on the XSLT Processor in .NET 2.0
- Currently a member of the Linq To Xml team

ABSOLUTE CRAZINESS! Some background,