Hello O'Reilly Networkians...

by Chris DiBona

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For my first entry on the O'Reilly network, I'd like to start off by thanking O'Reilly (Thanks Bruce, Terri and Sara) for hosting this blog, I've actually maintained a journnal on my personal site DiBona.com since late 1999, and that is where I will keep an archive of those old posts. I was pretty happy that O'Reilly wanted me to do one here, specifically because I can be quite lazy when it comes to redoing my website.

If you had followed that link, you would have noted my very 1999 looking site. No prettiness, no rss/xml feed or anything. That said, it served me quite well for some time, by moving my Journal to this network it takes away any last excuses I had for not fixing things up. My eventual goal is to have the xml feed from this blog be on that site and I do all the updates here with regards to what I'm up to, my thoughts and the progress we're making at both the game studio I co-founded, Damage Studios and its sister company, open source consultancy Konstrux.

My cred: Other than Damage and Konstrux, I co-edited the O'Reilly book "Open Sources: Voices from the open source software revolution.". I was an editor for Slashdot for about a year, posting something like 750 stories and about 300 polls. I'm also the Linux guy for TechTVs The ScreenSavers in case you want to find me on your TV Screen.

I also think I've just barely done my part for digital rights through my work with the EFF and others (I testified in the New York DVD cases). I also ran community relations for VA Software for a few years before the Slashdot gig, where a lot of people know me from.

That's all for now...talk with you more soon.

Hey there, I'm Chris DiBona


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Just a thought: might suggest instead of WinCE that the poll ask about PocketPC (even breaking down PPC2002 and earlier version, versus PPC2003). There's a lot happening with PPC2003 (see www.brighthand.com's Forums, especially the iPaq 2200; 20,000+ posts since the product release in late June).