Hello Photoshop, Goodbye Classic

by James Duncan Davidson

A little over a year since the official release of Mac OS X, and a bit over two years since I started using OS X full time, I am finally able to run on a day to day basis without OS 9 launching up in the background. The reason? My copy of Adobe Photoshop 7 finally arrived today (after the first one was stolen in shipment!) at my doorstep.

Don't get me wrong, Classic is a remarkable achievement. The team that worked on it deserve all the kudos that you can give them. However, the disjoint User Interface experience between OS X and classic was never satisfactory. As well, running two operating systems on the same machine just puts a drag on things. Now, Photoshop can live as a first class citizen among all my other OS X native applications.

There's only one application left in Classic land that I would love to be OS X native: Macromedia Dreamweaver. However, Dreamweaver is a nice tool, not a necessary one like Photoshop. And even though Macromedia was one of the first companies to release a Carbonized app with Freehand, there's no indication of when we'll see a Carbonized Dreamweaver. I'm back to editing HTML in BBEdit, but I'm running Classic-free!