Hello, World? Jeni Tennison is BLOGGING!!!! :D

by M. David Peterson

Update: BTW, on the *HIGHLY* off-chance you are unaware of who Jeni Tennison is (I realize the chances are basically zero, but as I once proclaimed suggested may have partially fabricated completely lied about for the sake of pretending I knew what I was talking about on XSL-List, a new XSLT developer is born once every 4 minutes (or maybe it was 4 hours... I can't remember as it was an on-the-fly-lie, and we all know on-the-fly-lies leave our memory banks about the same time they enter), and with this "fact" in mind), maybe Jeni's search link on Amazon.com will help you get up to speed.

Oh, and while you're there, pick up this one, that one, and at very least this one as well, though if you have the means, I would recommend buying all of them, and then set aside a solid year or two to learn how to write code the way God intended us to write code: The Correct Way (AKA XSLT, Functional Programming, and/or Lisp, Scheme, Haskell (still need to learn Haskell myself, but all the cool kids think it's great, so I think it's time I start following the in-crowd and start learning a thing or two about it. ;-) and so forth.

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"And I think to myself... What a won-der-ful Wwoooorrrrllldd...."

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That final piece slips into place...

Jeni Tennison | April 23, 2007 02:24 PM

and via http://www.jenitennison.com/blog/node/1

So I finally have just enough spare capacity to start blogging. And if James Clark and David Carlisle can join the party late, why not me. (Yes, M. David Peterson, your eveel plan is coming to fruition.)

"Ohhhhhhhh, Yeahhhhhhh!!!!!!" (or is it "Bwah, haa, haa, haa, haa, haaahhh"? Pick one and run with it ;-))

Welcome to the blogosphere, Jeni! Not like I really have to say this, but >> SUBSCRIBED! :D Oh, and *GREAT* design! Good layout, nice choice of color and contrast. Of course, given that it's you, that's to be expected, but still worth pointing out none-the-less. :)

Tommie? Wendell? Feel like a little Christmas gift giving in July? (or anytime sooner? :D :D :D) You know, for the children (a group in which I proudly count myself amongst. ;-))

Thanks in advance for your considerations! :D


Jeni Tennison
2007-04-24 13:43:01
Thanks for the welcome :) I can't claim any credit for the theme, since it's the Drupal v5 default, Garland. I chose the purples but that's about it.
M. David Peterson
2007-04-24 13:54:31
Hey Jeni,

Sorry 'bout the comment spam filter! It says there is a 3 link limit, but it always seems to cut people off if they use 2 or more. I'm guessing that maybe they count the "Website" field as a link, but even that only adds up to 3, which is supposedly the allowed limit.

Anyway, like you mentioned in one of your posts, Drupal sure has come a long ways in the last few years. Seems like a pretty nice system! But regardless, I appreciate your taste in color schemes. It's a nice cross-over between elegance and simplicity. Quite nice!

Looking forward to reading more of your entries! Of course, as soon as I discovered your comment from the other post, I added you to http://planet.xsltransformations.com/ so anybody who's a fan of XSLT and subscribes to that feed will be oh so happy to discover that the quality of XSLT++ related content in the blogosphere has just been kicked up several notches. :D

Good times, good times... ;-)