Help Create the Asterisk Cookbook

by Bruce Stewart

O'Reilly Media is in the process of building the Asterisk Cookbook, and we'd like to invite the Asterisk community to contribute. We're looking for two kinds of contributions. First,
we're looking for problems you'd like to see solved in the book. If you need to make Asterisk do something and just can't figure out how, let us know. We'll try to solve the problem for you. Second, we're looking for more advanced Asterisk users to contribute solutions to problems that they've faced.

We've created a wiki for this project, and we'd like to invite any interested parties from the ETel community to participate. The more feedback, problem requests, and recipes we can provide, the better this book will be. If you're interested in participating, please see the details at We will require people to have an account to edit this wiki, but there are no particular hurdles or restrictions in place -- just drop me an email at and I'll get you set up with edit access. Mainly we want to be able to acknowledge the people who help out.


2007-01-15 05:42:51
How are the royalities handled? What % is planned to flow back to community projects?
2007-01-15 12:14:58
Thanks Bruce, for the information. As a long time Asterisk user, looking forward to contribute to the project. Already getting ready to cook something with this book.
2007-04-06 11:34:20
I would like to see some sample application or some thought on how interface and send mobile sms messages from asterisk.
2007-05-21 08:59:03
Paging and intercom scripts would be nice. It seems different phone vendors use different SIP commands for paging.
2008-06-29 23:13:27
Asterisk should have native ipsec components. So should clients. Bye bye to SIP snooping.