Help me like Instant Messaging again.

by Steve Mallett

Help me like instant messaging (IM) again. I was an early adopter, but got burned.

Back when ICQ was still new I had adopted using it. It was fabulous and my friends & I had taken to using it instead of email. For each other anyway. Something bad happened though. Spam. By the bucketload. There were days when I'd here "Oh-uh!" twenty times a day with nothing but invitations to chat with someone cute and lonely. Right.

Despite clicking every checkbox in the preferences the spam didn't stop. My friends & I eventually had to opt for using it less and less until we just couldn't bother with it any longer. At least we had some spam prevention with out email clients or ISPs.

This week I was specifically asked to start an IM chat by a collegue. After all these years I figured, "why not?" So, I went searching for the iChat icon (which I had removed from the OS X dock bar) and went about getting an AIM account. It was nice to use IM again, but I've been waiting for the spam to start rolling in. How long could it take for AOL, owner of AIM, to sell my nick to spammers?

It's been a couple of days & nothing uninvited has slipped in, but I wonder if I should append that statement with 'yet'.

As an early adopter of IM did I just suffer the growing pains of a new technology or is it all still the same?

I'd like to get back into it, but am looking for some tips 'n' tricks. The most specific thing I want to know is your experience with spam. What's the best way to stop it from a provider level, client level, personal hack level, etc. I run OS X on my daily work machine & have my own Linux server(s) so anything specific to that would be best.

Until then I'll leave my AIM nick a secret.


2003-04-12 08:30:33
AIM? Never
Maybe I'm just lucky, but I've never recieved a spam on AOL Instant Messenger.

back when I was using actual AOL..that was another story - porn IMs all the time.

I even have my AIM name publically on my web page, but still no spam.
good luck!

2003-04-12 08:57:00
Been using for 4 years and get no spams... After 3 minutes on ICQ I had a "barely legal" wanting to get into my pants... Lame.

You can also set AIM to only show you as online for people on your buddy list--that's spam proof.

-jon @

2003-04-12 10:40:36
Get Fire -

In Preferences -> New Messages
Check "Block messages from people not in my buddy list"

You can use Fire for *anything* - AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, Jabber, and IRC. (using it for IRC is a little tricky, but definitely viable.)

2003-04-12 10:44:57
I meant to post as myself.
2003-04-12 11:21:06
Anti-spam measures
AIM has a lot of anti spam features, so it's unlikely that you'll see spam that isn't officially santioned by AOL. Since AOL is making money on the ads in the system (maybe) and there would be a huge flight to Yahoo! or MSN if people started getting spam, I suspect that you won't ever see spam on AIM.

The simplest protection is the fact that AIM uses names, not numbers for finding you. It's a lot easier to brute force ICQ's incremental numbers than it is to search AIM's namespace.

Also, all messages go through their cental servers. Bad if you want to discuss company secrets over IM, good if you want your IM to be able to block messages from getting to you. This makes sure that all messages come from authenticated senders, unlike ICQ's open port that accepts messages from everyone.

AIM also has (but iChat omits) a warning feature, that lets you add up to 35% to a user's warning level. Warning level limits a user's rate limit, which can kick them off the system if they send too many messages too quickly.

As anonymous poster, I'd be willing to stake my reputation on the fact that you'll never receive an unsolicited commercial IM on your AIM account. BTW, I've been using AIM for about 5 years now, and have never received a spam IM.

2003-04-12 17:11:47
Anti-spam measures
"BTW, I've been using AIM for about 5 years now, and have never received a spam IM."

That blows my mind. I hope it proves true in my experience.

"Also, all messages go through their cental servers. Bad if you want to discuss company secrets over IM, good if you want your IM to be able to block messages from getting to you."

Hmm that's handy to know.

2003-04-12 17:13:49
I've used this for IRC and can say that it was a little awkward for me. IRC apps, in general, seems to stink a bit on OSX.

However; I've got Fire... fired up and ready to try out.

2003-04-12 17:15:06
"You can also set AIM to only show you as online for people on your buddy list--that's spam proof. " Nice.

I don't recall that option for ICQ. Anyone???

2003-04-12 17:15:40
AIM? Never
"I even have my AIM name publically on my web page, but still no spam."

I'm floored.

2003-04-12 19:51:33
AIM? Never
by my stupidity for doing that? or the fact that I haven't recieved spam?
2003-04-13 04:26:21
AIM? Never

That you've not received any spam.

2003-04-18 11:17:08
Anti-spam measures
sorry to disappoint you both, but i got spammed during iChat-sessions in february/march. during some weeks about once every 2-3days. but still much lesser than 2years ago on ICQ...
2003-04-21 22:11:22
fire is only for OSX? is there a windows version somewhere?
2003-04-23 14:05:00
Jabber ( is still young but I doubt that spam will ever become a problem (there is *none* at the moment) because its well designed, in active development and you can run your own servers. There are also specific things such as connection karma which would make it uneconomical to spam.

You should use Jabber because the protocol is open (like irc), you can run your own server (if you want) and it's generaly cool.

2004-01-20 14:29:44

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2005-02-18 16:01:42
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