Help, my motherboard doesn't see my SATA drives

by Carla Schroder

Sometimes you get bitten by the goofiest things in computing. I bought a nice new 320 GB Samsung SATA hard drive. I like Samsung drives. They're quiet and reliable, and good performers. I like nice little skinny SATA cables.

So I crack open the box (Antec Sonata, minus the silly CPU exhaust tube that made the interior case temperature warmer and took up all kinds of room, but otherwise a splendid case) and in less time than it takes to say "Voila! That was so easy I should blog about it!" the new drive was ready to use.

But. It didn't work.


2008-02-09 22:49:33
Ah Carla, a queen among sysadmins. One day I will need this, and I'd never, ever have found it for myself! Who'd have thought it!
2008-02-10 22:36:25
O_O rtfm?
Ken Hansen
2008-02-10 23:52:50
I have been bitten by the ever-popular "disabled the HD port in the BIOS" issue more than once - it seems so silly, but that is just too easy to forget. I've not had to jumper any drives for backwards compatability, but I cna see how that could trip you up.

I am quite happy that the industry has moved beyond "cable select" IDE (a real problem if you jumper a drive to be the slave then put it on the master connector of a cable select cable. Oh, and if you get the jumpers and cable confused, it all works fine with one drive no matter what you do, but that second drive will cause problems), and we are almost beyond the "upside down" floppy connector (which causes the floppy to spin like crazy, never stopping, until you power-down the system).

2008-04-10 22:09:47
thank you very very really helped me with the same problem...i spent about three hours installing the HDD, then i was depressed..i searched the net..till i found your great efort that solved the problem in seconds.
thank you