Help Needed: Lawrence Lessig, ccMixter, getID3, reMixed File Uploads, and MS Office > How To Keep Things Safe?

by M. David Peterson

To all of you MS Office gurus out there, here's a chance to help out with a *GREAT* cause: As many of you will already know, Lawrence Lessig has made a shift in his fight for Free Culture, placing his attention on fighting the corruption that sits at the very foundation of the problems that keep us from living in this same mentioned free culture: Free from the corruptions that keep things in a state of... hmmm... not so much free and instead, not free.

As Professor Lessig makes mention in the same linked post from above,


Sylvain Hellegouarch
2007-07-03 11:19:10
As we discussed, maybe could you use ClamAV, an antivirus for Linux to perform the automated checking of the content.

However I don't have enough knowledge of ClamAV to understand its capabilities regarding MS Office macros and specificities.

Or maybe converting them to ODT before hand might help as well for ClamAV?

M. David Peterson
2007-07-03 11:22:40

This did occur to me, but its something I need to research to understand for sure if this is a viable option. I've already got ClamAV built out into an rPath recipe so it's easy enough to include on the server instance. Just need to make sure this would be enough, and if not, what else might need to put into place to ensure a *HIGH* level of safety.

Anyone happen to have some details in this regard?