Help us Help Ourselves: A Holiday Wish

by Steve Mallett

I shudder at the thought of all the self-inflicted techno rage that will occur within the next few days. People surfing websites, calling customer dis-service hoping someone can answer their questions to get their new gizmo working.

Dear retailers, please let us help ourselves.

For the most part your FAQs are useless, out of date, and largely irrelevant most of the time.

Your customer dis-service representatives drive us completely around the bend with the manual they have to read to us, asking us to go through the twenty step procedure that doesn't address our problem anyway.

Please set up user forums on your website where we can discuss technical 'issues'. Let us help each other sort out technical issues and glitches. We've become much more sophisticated over the years, some of us anyway. We can even help those less technically inclined so you don't have to.

Think of all the applications and glitches that you "don't support" that we & you could, in a round-about way, if you'd just let us!

It's not a sign of weakness. It shows you care.

How much techno rage are you anticipating this year?