Helsinki athletic games infested with Cabir Bluetooth virus

by Todd Ogasawara

According to Reuaters(via Yahoo! News), the Cabir virus is spreading through Bluetooth enabled phones at the Helsinki atheletic championships.

Mobile phone virus infects Helsinki championships

The reports says that there is an outbreak of the Cabir virus at Helsinki's Olympic Stadium.
This is a good reminder that Bluetooth enabled device owners everywhere should turn off Discover mode to help prevent becoming infected or otherwise annoyed by other Bluetooth related distractions.
Cabir targets Nokia's Series 60 platform.
But, as devices like the Palm Treo 650 and Windows Mobile based Smartphones become more popular, it shouldn't be too long before those devices become targets too.

You can find a description of Cabir with screenshots of the virus in action at:

F-Secure Virus Descriptions : Cabir

Seen Cabir? Turned off your phone's Bluetooth discover mode?