Helvetica: The Movie

by Erica Sadun

Helvetica, the typeface, has been a part of Macintosh since way way back. One of the most widely used sans-serif typefaces, it gained much of its current popularity because of its Macintosh bundling and its presence as one of the four core fonts bundled with Adobe PostScript. Inspired by and representative of the Swiss school of typography, it's still in use on newer OS X Macintoshes and has expanded into a three face family: Helvetica, Helvetica CY and Helvetica Neue.

Now the Globe and Mail reports that Helvetica has inspired a new movie about the typeface, its history and its use. (I wouldn't mind catching a showing if it pops by the art theater in town.) Want more? You can read Lars Müller's "Helvetica: Homage to a Typeface" (availabe at Amazon) or pop by Mark Simonson's website to learn about the Scourge of Arial, an Helvetica wannabe, typeface-come-lately.


2007-04-19 13:20:13
there's a piece on Helvetica at the new york MoMA in the design exhibit...Macs are prominently feature there, with the desklamp iMac, the ipod, and snow imacs all making an appearance...
Charlie Bing
2007-04-19 15:43:30
FYI, the good folks at Veer helped produce this movie and they have excerpts, and a link to the movie's website here:


No sign yet of when it will hit my part of the world in Edmonton Alberta, but I'd go in a heartbeat...